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Today's business software applications require high bandwidth and unbroken connectivity.

The key to harnessing the power of technology for your business is to offer more services, to more users, with more devices while lowering costs and risks. A recent survey by Infonetics Research confirmed that 43% of all LAN/WAN problems are caused by cabling or apparatus. Network inefficiencies caused by over stressed cabling cost the average company nearly $14 million per year in reduced productivity and lost revenues. (Source: Cost of Network Downtime in the U.S., September 2000, Infonetics Research, Inc.) Yesterday, network performance simply meant fast file transfer. Today, it's life or death for a network. Category 6 standards push UTP media to the limit with zero margin for error. Your PC's double in power every 2-3 years, driven by bandwidth-hungry applications. Your cabling, which represents only about 5% of your network costs will have to handle these massive traffic increases for 20 years. Access DNSI is one of the only companies in Tennessee able to offer a 20-year warranty on the cable we install. We can do that because we are partnered with Systimax™ & Comm Scape, the world leader in Structured Connectivity Solutions.

Setting the Standard that All Others Follow

Systimax SCS™ is the most widely used cabling solution in the world, according to Frost & Sullivan and other independent researchers and analysts. Systimax™ copper and fiber cable is installed at a rate of more than 1,000 miles per day, with 140,000 new connecting points daily, in over 90 countries around the world. As the worldwide market leader, Systimax is known for setting industry trends and driving the development of new cabling standards. All Systimax™ cabling solutions exceed ISO and TIA standards. The
Systimax™ Systems Engineering Group builds on knowledge of emerging network trends to support levels that networks are likely to reach in the next 5 years. Systimax SCS™ offers a complete end-to-end solution, so that customers don't need to mix and match components or suppliers.

Revolutionary Systimax SCS™ solutions include:

  • Systimax PowerSUM™ True Category 5e: Performance is guaranteed up to 155 MHz and damaging Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) is cut in half compared to standard Cat 5 specification.
  • Systimax GigaSPEED™ XL, Beyond Category 6: GigaSPEED™ XL combines the simplicity and versatility of copper cabling with support for the most demanding gigabit applications.
  • Systimax LazrSPEED™, 10 GB per second: LazrSPEED™ allows you to continue running your existing applications from 10 KB/s to 10 GB/s and supports 1 GB/s to 1,000 meters and 10 GB/s to 300 meters which allows for the simplest form of an upgrade.
  • Systimax OptiSPEED™, the Multi-Mode and Single-Mode Fiber Choice: The 62.5 micron multi-mode fiber provides high-speed links to support signal transmission up to the TIA standard of 300 meters within a building, and up to 2,000 meters within a campus.
  • Comm Scape/Uniprise

We're also proud of our ability to install cable in sensitive, high-user environments without disrupting normal operations, including:

  • Memphis International Airport, where we installed fiber to 67 gates for Northwest Airlines, in the midst of high security precautions
  • Shelby County Tennessee Schools, where we regularly install 400-500 network drops during school hours, with hundreds of students and staff present
  • AutoZone Park, where we installed cabling to support communications services for the Memphis Redbirds Baseball Team
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where we installed cable in high-activity patient areas
  • Clark Towers, where we regularly install cable in busy professional offices

We know that every hour of your day counts, in meeting the needs of your customers. We are able to plan for your uninterrupted operation, even as we work to improve your cabling infrastructure.

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