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ACCESS DNSI provides quality Fire Control Systems, cabling, pathways and device installs for integrators.

Reliable fire detection and notification systems provide life-saving information in those first critical moments. Access DNSI provides quality products with professional installation for a variety of needs in offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, grocery, retail and a many other types of facilities. We provide solutions designed to protect people and assets while providing lower operating costs to fit any budget.

From installation of networked control systems, smoke detectors, pull stations and notification devices to cabling and pathways, Access DNSIís certified technicians provide quality products and installations within your budget needs. As a certified Bosch dealer, We offer you an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality, products, solutions, services and systems for security, safety and communications Ė featuring intelligent functionality and modular concepts that grow with your requirements.

The primary goal of any fire alarm system should be to operate reliably and be cost affective over the life of the installation. To accomplish that goal, Access DNSI system designers provide a variety of solutions that are constructed and installed in conformity with the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

  • Alarm Initiation Devices
    • Manual Fire Alarm Boxes
    • Waterflow Initiating Devices
    • Heat Detectors
    • Smoke Detectors
    • Radiant Energy Sensing Fire Detectors
    • Other Fire Detectors
  • Notification Appliances
    • Bells
    • Horns
    • Speakers
    • Sirens
    • Strobes
    • Combination units
  • Fire Alarm Control Units
    • System Operating Configuration
    • Conventional fire alarm systems
    • Addressable fire alarm systems
    • Analog-addressable fire alarm systems
  • Remote On-Site Annunciation
    • Point Lighted
    • Alphanumeric
    • Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDís)
    • Graphic
  • Batteries
    • Battery Backups
    • Standby Power

Call ACCESS DNSI today to learn about our Fire Systems and Controls

Small to large installtions can be professionally deisgned and installed to achieve optimal protection at a price that fits your budget. Call (866) 399-7568 to learn how Access DNSI fire solutions can start protecting your people and premises today.

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