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Paging - ACCESS DNSI can help companies improve productivity, personnel efficiency and increase safety and security.

Instantly communicate with everyone or an isolated area/group without disrupting other areas. Group call allows you to page any combination of two or more individual zones together. And with safety being of great concern of businesses, overhead loudspeaker paging can also provide emergency notification through speakers, horns, visual signs and computer pop-ups. Most telephone systems only offer limited paging capabilities and a new paging system delivers dramatic improvement.
  • Find People When Not at Their Desk
  • Reduces Call Back Times
  • Increase Safety & Security
  • Notify Everyone for Quick Evacuation
  • Single or Multizone, All Call & Group Call
  • Talkback Paging
  • Override Access
  • Door Entry/Security Management
  • Background Music

Intercom ACCESS DNSI professionally installs intercom systems for warehouses, schools, offices of all sizes.

Unlike standard paging systems, an intercom allows a user to reply handsfree to a page or even initiate a handsfree conversation with the push of a button. Access DNSI provides state-of-the-art intercom systems and our offerings include systems with just a single zone up to very large systems with hundreds of zones. These systems are offered as analog, hybrid and full IP to meet your requirements now and well into the future.
  • Door Entry Point for Telephone System
  • Gate Entry Point, Local and Remote
  • Remote Facilities Pump Stations/Stables, etc.
  • Warehouse and Freezer
  • Talkback Help Points for Elevators and Tunnels
  • Emergency Telephones
  • Help Stations for Dorm Rooms and Halls
  • A/V Intercom/Help Call Points for Classrooms
  • Platform Help Points
  • Terminal Security Intercom

ACCESS DNSI is experienced in working in all types of schools, big and small, simple and complex.

From IP systems to legacy retrofit intercoms, Access DNSI has a solution that fits every school's needs and budget. We have been working in the school environment for over 16 years. All new employees receive background checks and drug tests. All employees working on a K-12 project will be informed of the proper practices and protocol to follow, such as: check in/out procedures, parking, trash removal, safety and incident reporting, fraternization with student and staff, and any site or customer specific needs. We are very familiar with working in a school environment and can plan for any complications or hardships before they arise.

ACCESS DNSI provides:
  • Voice Paging
  • Classroom Intercom
  • Call for Help Button
  • Bell Schedules
  • Tones
  • Clocks
  • Master Clock Management
  • Paging Groups & Zones
  • Door Control
  • Structured Cabling
  • Software Programming & Set Up

Call ACCESS DNSI today to learn more about our paging and intercom systems

From small offices to large schools and manufacturing facilities, Access DSNI provides professionally designed and installed systems to fit your needs. Call (866) 399-7568 to learn more.

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