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At ACCESS DNSI, we are fanatics about testing every cable, every
component, every channel of every job.

Unlike some cabling vendors who close out the job after installation and return only if cable fails, we don't guess. Access DNSI uses such top-of-the-line cable testing technologies as Fluke DSP, Microtest, and Corning OTDR. Our absolute insistence on testing paid off recently for a customer in Bristol, Tennessee, who called in Access DNSI to find a flaw in its cabling infrastructure that the original vendor could not locate. To us, testing is as important as selection, planning, and installation. It's part of who we are. In today’s business environment, you can not afford to gamble on network reliability and need to ask some difficult questions:
  • Comprehensive Performance Standards: Are performance claims valid for the entire network channel, end to end, from equipment closet to desktop?
  • Exhaustive Testing: Does your cabling provider test every component? Every channel?
  • Performance for the Entire Frequency Range: Does your cable guarantee significant channel margin over the entire frequency range, from 1 to 250 MHz?
  • The Big Question: Are advertised performance claims guaranteed in the cable manufacturer's warranty for existing and future applications for 20 years?
Twenty years? Yes, that is what we meant to say. Access DNSI is one of the only companies in Tennessee able to offer a 20-year warranty on the cable we install. We can do that because we are partnered with Systimax™, the world leader in Structured Connectivity Solutions.

Certification in All Major Cabling Solutions

In addition to Systimax™ + Comm Scope solutions, we also offer solutions from other industry leaders such as Corning Fiber™, Panduit™, Amp/Tyco™, and Hubbell™ (we offer a 25-year warranty on Hubbell Structured Cabling™ installations). With 75 years' cumulative experience in network cable installation and testing, Access DNSI technicians are certified in all major cabling media installation and testing solutions.

Our certifications include:

  • BICSI (this demanding industry certification requires periodic training updates in emerging technologies)
  • Systimax™ Design and Engineer
  • Systimax™ Installation and Maintenance
  • Corning Fiber Technicians™
  • Hubbell™
  • Fluke DSP CCTT™
  • Anixter Fiber Fundamentals
  • OSHA Safty Fundamentals

Call ACCESS DNSI Today for a Solution to Your Cabling Needs

Whether your need is to upgrade or expand an existing cabling infrastructure or plan a new one, Access DNSI is able to design and implement the best cabling solution for your needs, at a price that fits your budget. Call (866) 399-7568, to learn how Access DNSI can impact business performance.

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