Security Video Management System

Our certified staff with over 30 years of experience with knowledge of leading brands will survey your entire premises to ensure optimal placement of each unit . We carefully review your requirements to ensure that you are spending exactly as much as you need, for the capabilities you require.

Factors to consider

  • Light and Contrast: is your camera’s lens sensitive enough to register all activity even in low illumination? Are images washed out because variations in lighting are too extreme?
  • Clarity: does your system furnish clear, crisp images of every movement in its range?
  • Height and Angle: is your equipment mounted to provide comprehensive coverage of its area at the widest possible angle?
  • Distance: is your camera mounted closely enough to the target area to provide recognizable scale for subjects being viewed?
  • Temperature, Moisture, and Vibration Resistance: is your unit deployed in the environment it was made for? Does it continue to function effectively through external changes such as extremes in weather, impact shock, and other disturbances?
  • Connection: does your equipment interact with your other business systems? Is surveillance integrated with your business’s other information and communication capabilities to provide automated incident notification, remote viewing and retrieval, and other time-sensitive capabilities?

Get us involved in your next project

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We will spend the time it takes to understand your needs and work with your team to provide the solutions needed to succeed.