Every year, thousands of businesses are hit with incidents of trespass, theft, vandalism, and violent or disruptive conduct. Effective security surveillance means more than simply buying a camera, mounting it, and turning it on. The right system for your premises should be precision-designed and configured.

Security Systems

We don’t simply sell and install cameras. We carefully review your requirements to ensure that you are spending exactly as much as you need, for the capabilities you require and not a penny more. Our staff of CCTV-certified technicians, with a working knowledge of all leading brands of surveillance equipment and 30 years of combined video security experience, will make an exhaustive survey of your entire premises to ensure optimal placement of each unit. We also factor in related dependability and performance issues, such as recommending UPS units for critical equipment. And when we deploy the equipment, we will do it even if thousands of employees and customers are accessing your premises while we work.

Access Control Systems

The most important element of a security program is the accountability of the company’s personnel, assets and information. This can be achieved with the use of access control systems which provide a wide variety of unique features to further control, manage, or report on usage. Access control systems provide a secure way to regulate admittance to everything from a single secure area to an entire building or complex of buildings using access cards, smart cards or biometric recognition. These systems not only control access but log access information such as the date, time and locations accessed by employees or guests. ACCESS DNSI provides a professionally designed and installed solution to fit any requirements.

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